August 07, 2019
Author: Nicole


Welcome to the launching of the Jack7 Games website! Jack7 Games is a family-run business aiming to surpass the expectations of all video game players. We are always eager to discover new ways of creating our games and always willing to listen to any critique. If you have anything to say, feel free to send us some feedback through our contact page here.

We recently released our very first game, Neo Force Gaiden. This game took over a year to create in which we were able to learn a variety of new things about game development and design. All of this fresh knowledge will be used to make our forthcoming games even better.

After a hiatus for a couple of months, we are finally back to the game business with new ideas, fresh minds, and endless energy. (Our fridge full of Monsters doesn’t hurt that). After shooting ideas back and forth, we now have a list of future endeavors that we plan to achieve within the next few years. However, we are very close to coming up with a decision of what our very next game will be; stay tuned for that announcement!

Once again, welcome to the Jack7 Games website. We hope that playing our games in the future will be just as fun as it is to create them!