Jack7 Games is a small indie development group comprised of four dedicated individuals; these individuals dedicate their time and effort towards creating amazing content and further improving their own skills.

Kyle //  Creative Director

Musician by trade, Kyle founded Jack7 Games as a means of creating fun and engaging games. Kyle is head of level design, art direction, and music direction.

Kris //  Lead Programmer

Kris is a twenty-eight year-old with an Associates degree in game development.

Nicole //  Communications Director

As the Communications Director, Nicole hates telling people random crap about herself. Her favorite color is blue, her favorite food is Chinese food, and her favorite pastime is yelling at her family just to be ignored.

Tyler //  Website Manager

A self-taught website & graphics designer, Tyler can usually be found at his computer with a few (dozen) Monster cans within reach. Tyler is in charge of maintaining the website.